SISW backward curved belt driven centrifugal fans


General Description

SISW non-overload backward curved centrifugal fan, sizes are in accordance with AMCA 99-16.

The fans of the PRL-TC series find their main application in commercial and industrial plants of air-conditioning, ventilation, heating and filtering; they can be used as well in industrial processing (baker ovens, spray booths, driers, boilers, silos, cooling systems, etc.).

PRL-TC fans can convey clean or slightly dusty air and smoke with maximum temperature of 180ºC.

Suitable for very high capacities and high pressure:

  • Airflow range : 3,400 to 84,000 CMH
  • External static pressure : 200 to 1,400 Pa


  • Kitchen hood exhaust.
  • Industrial processing (baker ovens, spray booths, boilers, silos, cooling systems, etc.)


  • Volute casing: steel sheet, protected against atmospheric agents by epoxy paint.
  • Aerodynamically shaped inlet cone in steel sheet, protected against atmospheric agents by epoxy paint.


  • Single inlet single width backward curved wheel with high efficiency at higher pressure gradient, manufactured in steel sheet and protected against atmospheric agents by epoxy paint.
  • For high rotational speed, versions in class III are foreseen.
  • Mono-block support in cast iron with ball bearings, designed for easy lubrication for L10 life more than 100,000 Hr. 


  • Asynchronous three-phase motors according to international standards IEC 60034, IEC 60072, IP 55, class F, (continuous working at constant load), suitable to S1 service.


  • Condensation drain hole (TS).
  • Inspection door (PI)-Position 1, Position 2, Position 3.
  • Inlet counter-flange (CFA).
  • Outlet counter-flange (CFP).
  • Anti-vibration mounts.
  • Belt guard.

Upon request

  • Different orientation 90°, 180°, 270°
  • Weatherproof cover for motor
  • Revit models for BIM.

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  • amca
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