Duct Axial Fan F 400/300



TA series are duct axial fans with new generation aerofoil impellers with adjustable pitch angle from 16 to 52° for maximum performance.

They are particularly indicated in those applications that request an absolute conformity to high specifications in terms of high pressure and volume gradient.

They are available in sizes from diameter 400 mm to 1600 mm (bigger sizes upon request) for performances ranking up to 210,000 m3/h and 1,500 Pa.

Higher pressures can be reached with two fans installed in series. Fan performance and sound level are in accordance with AMCA 210 and 300 with operating range of temperature from -20°C to + 70°C and S2 –  F300/120 or F400 certified by APPLUS in accordance with 12101-3.



  • Car park supply and exhaust system.
  • Applications involving higher than ambient temperature gases.
  • Industrial & warehouse ventilation.
  • Tunnel & underground ventilation.
  • Smoke extract from large spaces such as atriums, halls, and stadiums.


  • Casing – Long cased execution as standard, manufactured in steel sheet epoxy painted, with fixing flanges manufactured according to UNI ISO 6580-EUROVENT standard. An inspection door is fitted on the casing.
  • Impellers – The high performance axial impeller with aerofoil blades are totally made in die-cast aluminium and balanced according to ISO 1940 Norm. Their aerodynamic profile guarantees high performance and low noise level. For each diameter a wide range of pitch angles can be set during assembly thanks to the design of the hub. This allows to accurately meet the optimum reachable working point of each ventilation project.


Asynchronous three phase Motor according to IEC standard, IP 55, IE 2 (only single speed motors) CL H, F400/300 certified according to the European directive EN 12101-3. They are suitable for S1 service at constant load.


  • Flat (CCr) protection guard.
  • Flexible connector (CCga).
  • Inlet/outlet bell mouth (CCbo).
  • Silencer with or without pod, in three lengths (CCsa & CCsb).
  • Counter flange (CCf)/ counter flange with collar (CCfc).
  • Anti-vibration mounts.

Upon Request

  • Performance with higher diameter (more than 1600 mm).
  • Casing protection by epoxy paint and powder coating.  
  • Airflow from motor to impeller.
  • Multi-stage versions for higher pressure development.
  • IE3 Motors (only single speed motors).
  • Backdraft Damper.
  • Completely reversible impeller.
  • Revit models for BIM.

  • Intertek
  • applus
  • ul
  • amca
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